Our #1 Advantage! The crews of ours boats Ondina and Oceanic.

There are many things we are proud of with our operation in Indonesia, but without doubt it is the crews of our boats Ondina and Oceanic, together with the behind the scenes support, that are top of the list. Our guests travel to Indonesia from all over the world and they come to experience some […]

More Exciting News from the Archipelago – Derawan!

After nearly 20 years of operation across the eastern half of the vast Indonesian archipelago we are incredibly proud of the routes we pioneered. Many of the sites we found have become famous for their incredible biodiversity and are an absolute delight to dive to this day. In fact most of our staff probably know […]

Exploring the Archipelago – Even further…

Big ideas are often the most successful ones though they usually come with the risk that they are just too bold and will not work. And then, of course, there is the additional risk of things happening that are completely out of your control! So it happened when our first boat the SMY Ondina was […]

Building the Nymph of the Deep Seas

It really was a bold idea… One that was conceived and then nurtured during extensive travels across the vast archipelago that is Indonesia. And much like other great ideas it was quite simple in concept, but required several things to come together in concert for it to become a reality. The year was 1999 and […]

The best diving in the world.

Indonesia by numbers… A vast country of some 17,000+ islands, strewn along 5.000kms of the equator in South-East Asia and home to more than 260 million people with about 300 distinct native ethnic groups. A true melting pot with many unique cultures but just two seasons – warm and dry or warm and wet! The […]